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Notary Confirmation

Translation and Notarization in all Languages

We offer noter tasdik [notary confirmation] services along with translation services for all of your document needs
Elza Residence Permit Consultant | ВНЖ в Турции

Translation and Notarization in all Languages

We are the leading experts in Alanya and the surrounding areas. We offer noter tasdik [notary confirmation] services along with translation services for all of your document needs. When you move abroad it can all feel very scary at first as you may not speak the local’s language? We are to help you with any paper work you may need at notary office. Come to our office and let us take the stress out of moving to beautiful Alanya.

Rental contracts

Have you come on holiday, then decided you would like to rent somewhere in Alanya and want help with your rental contract? Call us now to arrange an appointment at our office and we will let you know exactly what documents you will need and how much it will cost you, to gain your rental contract. All our services are carried out with complete professionalism and very competitive prices compared to our competitors here in Alanya.

Or maybe your girlfriend or friend would also like to stay in your home with you? If this is the case and you would both like to get your residency permit. Then we offer noter service in Alayna for tahutname { letters of undertaking]. This is an assurance by one party to another party that they will fulfil the obligation that had been previously agreed on. So then your partner/friend may also apply for a residency permit in Alayna.

Document translations

Here at Alanya consulting services we can help you with all of your document translation needs. Our consultancy experts have over 5 years combined experience in this industry. No matter what your needs maybe we have professionals waiting on hand ready to help you with the whole process. Our fees are very low and unbeatable by our competitors. As the leading number one consultancy services in Alanya you can rest assure you are in good hands.

Whilst living here in Alanya over time you may need more and more documents translated. When you do, they need to be notarized to ensure the person signing the document is officially identified and under their own free will.


Here are some of the most common documents we translate:


  • Passport

  • Birth certificate

  • Marriage certificate

  • Registration certificate

  • Personal Identification

  • Driver’s license

Without having some of these documents translated, you won’t be able to rent or buy a home, open a bank account or start a new business in Turkey. There are many different reasons for needing documents translated and notarized, to name a few.

Please contact for details;

Tel: +90 531 229 12 04

Notary Confirmation
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